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I am a queen on the most exalted throne
I command the greatest of respect
I am far above the petty and the wretch
All will bow down before me

Hear me now, peasants of the mortal world
you will fall down upon your knees
I’m your matron now, there’s nothing you can do
but accept my love, my tyranny

Don’t fight me you’ll only suffer
Don’t you meet my gaze
Kneel before me and my splendor
Embrace my wicked way

Not the brightest light could ever be my equal
I am the universe and all
The air you breathe is what I give to you
Be grateful for the privilege

Don’t fight me I am your goddess
Fall before my gate
Don’t resist me or my power
there will be hell to pay

Kneel, surrender to me now
Don’t resist, bow down
Don’t you dare resist
Don’t you fight me
The Great Queen
Lyrics (c) Raimey L. Segobia
you are not allowed to use/reproduce these lyrics to any website without my permission.
Dragon Priest by I-Hit-The-Racoon
Dragon Priest
Just a quick sketch of a dragon priest from the lands of Skyrim...  I want to do a full body some time but at the moment I've just sort of stuck to quick doodles.   I haven't had any real time to draw.  I don't time myself anymore, but this took about twenty minutes to a half hour.
Kobra Paige by I-Hit-The-Racoon
Kobra Paige
So, due to a very wonderful Brazilian friend of mine I have become obsessed with Kobra and The Lotus, and Brittany Paige.  She's a talented vocalists, and the band as a whole are utterly incredible.  So I drew this... because she deserves a fanart.  <3
More mouth practice.... by I-Hit-The-Racoon
More mouth practice....
I should try for men's lips... once I get a better handle on realistic lady lips... it's a lot harder to do when you have a limited amount of tools.  the better I get with what I have though, the greater I will be when I finally do have the right tools... >:'B


I-Hit-The-Racoon's Profile Picture
Raimey L. Segobia
Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art
United States
I'm not particularly active on here... I'm a fan artist for the most part, save when I'm posting a poem... I do have some originall work, and some bases... Mostly old work though.


I like videogames and metal...
That is all...

However, if you can't get ahold of me on this profile you can reach me at my alternate account.

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Squ1dP0ny Featured By Owner Jul 29, 2014  Student General Artist
by the way, did you get my note? I wanted to review the plot ideas before I start doing more work with the characters. So far, I do have sketches of both Sumi and Chi.
I think you'll like Sumi more- 
Her strict attitude about mental and physical excellence and purity has lead her to worry less about what she's wearing and more about internal workings. So- to save time, energy, and brain power she mostly goes around in ripped-up pants and a metal t-shirt.  I figure she'd love symphonic metal due to her love of classical. She's also less worried about what inconsequential people think of her [though she is fairly kind].
Unrelated to that note- her new last name is "Lei."  It means lightning in Chinese, apparently.
I-Hit-The-Racoon Featured By Owner Jul 29, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I want to look at it, but I was only allowed to get on real quick to post that and set up netflix for my mom.

I will look at it when I have time.
Squ1dP0ny Featured By Owner Jul 29, 2014  Student General Artist
Thanks~!  Have fun X D
I-Hit-The-Racoon Featured By Owner Jul 29, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Will do~!
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Hi! :'D
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